Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

I believe in nurturing tolerance, acceptance, and action toward a world that embraces our shared humanity. In an
age of systemic racism polarization, and social disconnection, I recognize there are barriers to realizing our
fundamental interconnectedness that exist not only in the human mind, but are deeply embedded within
institutions and structures.

I am committed to maintain a climate of fairness,
cooperation, and professionalism. I am committed to including individuals who identify as BIPOC (Black,
Indigenous, People of Color) in my lab, and in mentoring students to embrace diversity through awareness of
inherent biases and systemic racism that has contributed to in-group and out-group dynamics. My lab fully
supports an inclusive learning environment where diversity is recognized, respected, and is promoted. I encourage
staff members to use his/her voice to curate the challenging questions that motivate each individual, to not fear
judgment of peers, and to boldly contribute novel ideas to our research priorities.

Change begins within. Consistent with my lab’s mission, contemplative practice plays an integral role in
examining issues involving race, gender, sexual identity. Guided by the values stated below, I acknowledge
systemic racism within our organizational culture and continually examine my racial conditioning as an
individual. My commitment to dismantling institutional racism begins with me and the values I maintain for my
research, students, professional and personal relationships. In the Contemplative Neuroscience & Integrative
Medicine lab, I have emphasized the power of voice. Every voice contributes towards our efforts to work as a
team. “Team work makes the dreams work”, is often heard amongst our staff. I emphasize a culture of creativity,
integrity, and inclusion. In my lab, EVERY voice is valued and equal, as is every race, gender, age, religion,
identity, and experience. Inclusivity, in the Contemplative Neuroscience & Mind Body Research lab, is the key to
impactful science.