Now Recruiting for the Following Studies


Do you have symptoms of anxiety or depression?

Vanderbilt IRB: 181175

Clinical Trials: NCT03571386

We are currently recruiting subjects to volunteer for a study investigating changes in brain structure and function as a result of integrative health practices designed to treat symptoms of anxiety and depression. 

You may qualify if you:
– are between 18-55 years old
– You have symptoms of anxiety and/or depression
– You are able and willing to complete an in-person 8-week group course

The study will involve:
– Attending an 8-week course (1 class/week, up to 45 minutes/day of homework throughout 8 weeks)
designed to treat anxiety and depression at no cost to you.
– Three laboratory visits (one before the course, one after the course, and one 6-month follow-up),
where you will complete self-report questionnaires and computer tasks with electroencephalography
(EEG) . These are non-invasive methods for looking at brain activity.
You will be compensated:
– Participants can earn up to $80 if you qualify and complete all testing
– If you would like to participate in this study, please complete the pre-study screening survey using this
– If you are interested in learning more about this study, please contact Emily Mohr at or
or 615-875-4268

Funding by NCCIH F31AT010299-02


Want to Get Involved in Contemplative Neuroscience Research? Are you a Meditation Practitioner?

Vanderbilt IRB: 181562

As part of the Mapping the Meditative Mind (M3) Initiative, Dr. Vago is currently seeking funds and subjects to volunteer for an ongoing study investigating novel methods for understanding the longitudinal impact of integrative Mind and Body practices like meditation and yoga. The study requires 1 hr of your time during one visit to the Vanderbilt University Imaging Institute (VUIIS) where you will be asked to complete tasks in the MRI environment where we may present sensory stimuli like emotional words, pictures, or video in an MRI scanning environment. By completing our pre-screen survey at the link below, our research staff can determine if you qualify. If you are selected based on screening criteria and requirements you can be compensated for participation in this study. If you are interested in completing our pre-study screening survey to find out if you qualify, please follow the link below. The pre-study screening survey should take approximately 10 minutes of your time. Your participation in this screening survey and research study is voluntary, and you may choose not to participate without it affecting your healthcare/services or other rights. You are also free to withdraw at any time.

Please feel free to contact the study coordinator (Emily Mohr) or Dr. David Vago at OCIM with any questions/concerns


(phone) 615-875-4268